Millions of people seek chiropractic care or massage therapy to relieve or prevent pain and limited mobility. These two complimentary therapies, especially in combination, form a powerful healing approach to relieve pain and increase your body’s mobility and resilience. Over time, they offer a uniquely effective way to support your ongoing vitality and well-being.

Regular massage can release chronically contacted muscles and fascia, improving the balance among muscle groups and promoting healthful circulation. Your body will be more resilient in the face of daily stresses, less prone to pain and injury.

Our Massage therapists use a variety of techniques to address soft tissue problems. Gentle kneading and stretching lengthens contracted muscles and fascia. Techniques such as sustained pressure, ice massage and stretching can release trigger points. Sprains, strains and adhesion can be addressed directly with massage techniques that stimulate healthy separation and realignment of injured fibres.

Remedial Massage

This service focuses on determining the underlying holistic causes for many musculoskeletal & myofascial dysfunctions and then developing a treatment program designed to; decrease pain, increase range of motion and restore balance to the soft tissue structures of the body.
This form of treatment utilises numerous specialised techniques including;

  • Neuromuscular Trigger Pointing,
  • Myofascial Release,
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation,
  • Positional Release,
  • and Joint Mobilisation.

This process usually includes postural analysis and orthopaedic assessment where the client may need to remove thick or restrictive clothing so that relevant landmarks of the body frame can be located and observed during specific range of motion and restriction tests.

Thai Yoga Massage

Available at Aspley

Thai Yoga Massage uses techniques as stretching, pressure points, touch and yoga postures that works on the mind, physical and energetic body. The massage is performed in a meditative mood on a mat on the ground and the giver and receiver are wearing loose, comfortable clothes so they can move freely.

Thai Yoga massage is a simple way of obtaining all the benefits of yoga  without any effort for the receiver. It is great to relieve muscle soreness, reduces stress, releases tension, increases vitality and flexibility and improves circulation while invigorating and rejuvenating body and mind.


Available at Aspley

Come try this AMAZING relaxing healing essential oil treatment!

BonfireThyme includes 120 drops from 1​2 p​owerful essential oils designed to bring physical, emotional, and mental balance to the body and mind.

Rejuvenate the mind. Balance the body.

BonfireThyme Technique combines unique, targeted massage and energy approaches with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. The technique, developed by Gary Young, comes from his experience with Lakota Indian wellness traditions and provides a revolutionary means of nurturing harmony—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Using this technique on the spine with nature’s natural healing essential oils combined with Vitaflex technique on the feet, ​you will experience a relaxing hour of indulgence that will continue to provide your body and mind benefits such as:

  • Helps alleviate minor aches and pains associated with daily life
  • Maintains healthy lung function
  • Helps support healthy bone structure
  • Reduces absentmindedness
  • Helps alleviate the occasional blue feeling everyone experiences from time to time
  • Supports the immune system
  • Promotes restful sleep

Primary oils used: Basil, Cypress, Marjoram, Oregano, Peppermint, Thyme, Wintergreen, Aroma Siez (BLEND of mentioned oils with Lavender) and Valor (BLEND of Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy-from Morocco, and Frankincense.

This is a light touch, relaxing treatment. Due to the detoxifying effect of the treatment, it is highly recommended you drink plenty of water after. The treatment can be extremely relaxing and you may need some time to rejuvenate to full alertness

Caution: Frankincense is a very ancient healing and strong oil that can interrupt anyone who might be taking blood thinners, in which case this would not be a suitable treatment, nor would pregnant or nursing mothers