2 years ago I was motor cross racing competitively and had quite a serious accident, smashing my legs and ankles which had to then be reconstructed. I was wheelchair bound for nine weeks and was told I should concentrate on walking. Bonfire Hot Yoga has helped me with my rehabilitation. I’m now back running, racing and enjoying a variety of sports. I would definitely recommend Bonfire Hot Yoga as part of a rehabilitation“

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  • 5 ways to relax in Bonfire Hot Yoga classes
    1. Understand Bonfire Hot Yoga works by using stretching, balancing and creating pressure all at the same time. It creates pressure by cutting off blood supply to some arteries and veins, then having the blood rush through them upon release. This creates a desired effect of flushing them out. Pressure is applied to the heart by its connectivity to all of the body. As you may predict, learning how ...
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